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Child Safety: 5 Awesome Organizations to Follow on Twitter and Facebook

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According to Make Safe Happen, a movement to reduce preventable childhood accidents in around the home, more than 9,000 families loose a child each year due to an avoidable accident. Dangers such as burns and scalds, and accidental swallowing from button batteries, are just some of the preventable incidents that not only happen while a child is at home, but can also occur while visiting family and friends. These avoidable tragedies send a clear call to action: “We can all do our part to help keep children safe.”

Beyond making sure your home is a safe place, there are plenty of other things you can do on a daily basis. When it comes to keeping up to date with the latest trends in child safety, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are the next best things to traditional media outlets such as TV or print publications. For safety tips, parenting advice and general information related to child safety, check out some of the best organizations to follow on Facebook and Twitter:

Safe Kids Worldwide — (Facebook & Twitter) Works globally to prevent accidental injury in kids under 19. From sharing tips about overlooked child safety incidents such as “TV tip overs,” to dehydration prevention tips for young athletes, Safe Kids Worldwide provides a steady stream of useful information.

Kids in Danger — (Facebook & Twitter) A non-profit organization dedicated to protecting children by improving children product safety.  According to the website, the organization was founded when the parents of sixteen-month-old Danny Keysar died when a portable crib collapsed around his neck in his Chicago childcare home. Although the portable crib had been recalled five years earlier, word of its danger had not reached Danny’s parents, caregiver, or a state inspector who visited the home just eight days before Danny’s death. The organization shares breaking news in the industry and is filled with actionable tips such as setting “Kid Safe Zone” in your kitchen, safety trends, product recall targeted for children, choking hazards, and TV Tip Overs.

Nationwide Children’s Hospital — (Facebook & Twitter) Ranked among the Top 10 on Parents magazine’s 2013 “Best Children’s Hospitals” list, Nationwide does a great job at engaging their followers.  In addition to the stream of tips on child diseases, concussion prevention and treatment and safety tips for parents from some of the best doctors, they also host Facebook chats.

Center for Disease Control (CDC)— With a special Twitter account dedicated to injuries (adults and children) the CDCs’ feed is regularly updated with  breaking news and daily tips on everything from how to protect your child from measles, prevent childhood injury, and notice signs of carbon monoxide poisoning.

National Safety Council —(Twitter) The organization saves lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the road. With a focus on daily safety tips for the entire family, you can expect daily reminders on making sure your window wiper blades are installed securely, using the proper car seat, booster seat, and car safety tips for teens.

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