Caribbean Smoothie

Caribbean Smoothie

Made from the first-pressed, purest extract of hand-harvested Trinidadian sugar cane–not molasses like others in its category–10 Cane elevates rum to a luxury spirit. Its essence is Caribbean, distilled in the French Tradition. Whether mixed, neat, or on the rocks, 10 Cane is the smoothest rum you’ll ever enjoy. Pours for $42.99

Classic Sip
In 1936, 26 artisans designed its Baccarat crystal decanter. In the 1950s, a prestigious Chicago restaurant charged $50 per glass and $1 to smell the cork. From its inception in 1874, Louis XIII de Remy Martin has always enjoyed a rich history of producing the rarest and oldest cognacs. Aged 40 to 100 years, its offering is a blended balance of fruits and spices that include ginger and passion fruit that delight the palate long after the first sip. Savored for $1,500

Rosé blooms
A combination of very distinctive grapes–chardonnays and pinots noirs–Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 1995 was harvested in an unusually dry, hot season. The result is an exceptional champagne with hints of berries, apricots, various herbs, and nutmeg. It is a perfect accompaniment to foie gras and fresh lobster. Toasts for $350