Can COP15 Be Trusted in Your Neighborhood?

Can COP15 Be Trusted in Your Neighborhood?

cop15As crucial agreements are made in Copenhagen, we should question how these decisions will directly affect our local communities.

First of all, many folks have heard the term, but what exactly is COP15? Copenhagen, Denmark is hosting the 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP15) from Dec. 7-18. Participants from more than 192 countries representing governments, business communities and civil societies have convened to try and reconcile international protocol on global climate change.

As these leaders gather to decide on policies and guidelines that will set the stage for global transformations, it is important that we analyze each agreement and make efforts to ensure that, once these well intended decisions trickle-down to our local communities, we are not left with negative side effects that bring us even more troubles. …

Will COP15 bring new guidelines that force local oil refineries to suddenly close-down, and be replaced by wind turbines set far away from minority communities?  Will the protocol force families to personally pay huge amounts to retrofit homes and cars?  Will new “green jobs” initiated by the protocol require advanced degrees or expensive training?  All of these questions should be asked.

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