Backseat Driver

Backseat Driver

When it comes to mobile technology, one thing is certain: what’s “in” always possesses the cool factor–style and functionality. Much of what we consider cool, however, rests on the hardware side–sleek handhelds, superthin laptops, slider cell phones–often overlooking innovations in software. But this unsung hero of mobility, powering everything from security to entertainment, now gets its turn to shine. Here’s a look at some of what’s available behind the scenes: Stop, Thief! Synchronica’s Mobile Manager Enterprise (; about $5 a month)

Remote access to corporate data is a boon for mobile workers. But the sheer value of stored information also makes it a great candidate for theft. Syncronia’s Mobile Manager provides a “lock and scream” feature that can be set remotely. Once activated, the device removes the data then attracts attention by emitting a piercing scream. Other features include diagnostics, master-copy device cloning, and data bulk loading capabilities.

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What’s on TV? Roundbox Inc. (
System or server crashes can result from too many people trying to send text messages, access the Internet, or watch TV on their cell phones. Roundbox software enhances mobile broadcast by combining the video types, ESG, and Datacast, into one stream. Users can access content quicker en masse without affecting the wireless network’s ability to handle its other functions. The company is also working with TV Guide to provide programming info to mobile phones and plans to roll out enhanced real-time sports datacasting and real-time access to Craig’s List.

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Me-Too! Symantec Mobile Security Suite 5.0. (
In March, Symantec announced its upcoming release of Mobile Security Suite 5.0. The application equips mobile devices with antivirus, firewall, anti-SMS spam filters, phone feature control, mobile VPN, tamper protection, and network access control. These features provide handhelds with protection afforded to PCs.

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