After-school Program transforms Lives

After-school Program transforms Lives

Dave Jones was a 17-year-old self-described street hustler in Baychester, New York, when he found himself at a crossroads. “I got pistol-whipped by seven dudes,” he says. His mother gave him an ultimatum: stay on his current path and end up in prison or take part in an after-school tutoring and mentoring program called the Baychester Youth Council.

He chose the latter, and now Jones, 26, works as a counselor for the organization. Had he not taken part in the program, Jones says, “I’d probably be locked up.”

The program behind Jones’ transformation is the brainchild of 54-year-old Earnestine Russell-Drumgold. In 1984, Russell-Drumgold started the organization after noticing that young people in her community needed training and guidance that would help them get jobs.

“We start [by] tutoring, mentoring, [and providing] homework help,” says Russell-Drumgold. “We get them into test [preparation courses] and make sure they pass these tests and don’t get left back. We teach them grooming; we teach them how to speak.” She also finds out their aspirations [and] teaches them how to get on the right track as they enter high school.

But even more impressive: Russell-Drumgold has run the program for 20 years with no funding. She received her first grant—$450,000 from the New York State Education Department—this year. Before that, she paid for everything out of pocket. Recently, she also became the recipient of a $50,000 prize and a new Volvo every three years. “You look at what she’s sacrificed, … and there is no better example of somebody who understands the value and quality of life,” says Nita Mitchell, vice president of human resources for Volvo.

Programs Around the Country
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Tips For Starting An Organization
Search for funding. The 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program offers $325 million in grants, handled by each state’s respective State Education Agency.

Find a committed staff and volunteers. An after-school program is only as good as its employees. Find people committed to the development of children.