A Time To Give

A Time To Give

Honor employees, co-workers, or loved ones with a “gift that keeps on giving,” through Trees for Life, an organization that offers resources for planting fruit trees in developing countries. For a $1 donation, you’ll help protect the environment and provide a low-cost, self-renewing source of food for others.

Since 1984, more than 30 million trees have been planted in developing countries through the program. Recipients will receive a certificate commemorating trees planted in their honor.

Donate a group of trees in an individual’s or a group’s name, a unique gift idea for special recognitions, holidays, birthdays, or memorials that shows the beauty of reaching out to those in need. You can order one tree or as many as 100 trees in honor of the special people in your life. There’s also an opportunity to read about Trees for Life and its impact on countries around the world. Check out the organization’s newsletter and testimonials. For more information, check out www.treesforlife.org.