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Show Me The Money: 7 Strategies On Monetizing Your Brand


Without question, we live in the land of the battle of the brands, but brand monetization strategist LaMonica Moore (@Talk2LaMonica), CEO of Monetize Your Brand in Kansas City, Mo., spends her days and nights helping business owners become experts and attain preeminence and profitability.

“We help entrepreneurs to recognize their worth, build trust and confidently position themselves in the market,” Moore says.

Her Monetize Your Brand Business School equips in core areas like premium marketplace positioning, accelerated revenue generation and sales conversation mastery. During an upcoming eight-city tour and Elevate Your Brand 2015 Conference (July 23-25), will explore seven strategies that helps business owners turn personal brands into profitable ones.

1. Change your perspective about your worth. The first and most important factor to tackle is mindset. You have to believe that all of your knowledge, skills and combined expertise are market worthy. “I tell my clients frequently, if you don’t know or understand how much you’re worth, don’t expect anyone else to,” she says.

2. Synthesize and Systematize your expertise. When you’re hired as a coach, consultant, or other specialized expert, your client is not expecting an “Are we there yet?” journey. They hired you for a direct step-by-step route to their desired destination. You get paid to do all the research and the testing and to present it in an easy to follow step-by-step solution. Rather than losing 30 pounds in 30 days or saving $5,000 on their taxes, it’s your job to offer systematic strategies to help them achieve the overall goal.

3. Deliver on visual excellence for client attraction. The visual components of your brand are critical so make sure that it is aesthetically pleasing and professionally executed. This includes your logo, Website and marketing materials. It’s important that you have a visual brand that resonates with your ideal clients.

4. Create and maintain simplicity throughout your brand. You want to make sure that your brand makes sense and the message is easy to understand. Don’t over complicate things for your target market. At the end of the day, a confused consumer does not buy. For example, don’t call yourself “The Tax Maven” but you also style hair, run a baby-sitting service and craft jewelry. Marketplace confusion weakens the credibility and equity of your brand. In other words, pick one area and master it. Become known for it. Teach it, and then monetize it. Then, you can expand to another complimentary area of expertise.

5. Develop a community hub for your market. This will help you to develop brand affinity within your niche and can be achieved through an email newsletter, a private Facebook group, or a LinkedIn group. Use this platform to provide free, immense value to your audience. This will cause them to fall in love with you and your brand and builds trust. It will start to produce brand loyalty over others in the industry.

6. Turn your talents into products or services. After you’ve synthesized and systematized your knowledge, experience, or expertise, it’s now time to create a product from these elements, whether its a one-on-one coaching program, group coaching model, online course or program.

7. Position yourself as a premium marketplace leader. Premium positioning is paramount, and your prices should reflect that. You will attract better, more quality clients that get effective results from your services, especially if you’re focused on delivering real value. And…they will sing your praises to the mountain top because they have more skin in the game.

Roz A. Gee consults and speaks as The Brand Empowerment Agentâ„¢ and CEO of The Rated Gee Agency (, A Brand Empowerment Company that offers service sectors in Brand Identity and Development, Brand Messaging, Media Relations and Speaking/Training. Roz has masterfully mixed over 20 years of cumulative experience and has worked corporately for industry titans such as General Electric, AT&T, AOL, IBM, SAP/Sybase and Northrop Grumman. Twitter: @RozAGee Facebook: RozAGee Blog: