11 Ways You Can Celebrate National Small Business Week

11 Ways You Can Celebrate National Small Business Week

National Small Business Week

Happy National Small Business Week! For the past 55 years, Americans have been celebrating the event from April 29th to May 5th. And today, there are 30.2 million small businesses around the country that employ 58.9 million people according to the Small Business Administration. That means that 47.5% of the country’s workforce is made up people who work for small businesses.

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, you know what it’s like to work around the clock to make sure that the numbers add up, your marketing plan is efficient, and the doors open the next day whether they are physical or digital. That is why this year we want to make sure that you are taking advantage of every opportunity this week to help you build, connect, and elevate your business.

Here are 11 ways that you can celebrate National Small Business Week:


1. Thank your employees – You couldn’t do it without them, right? Employee appreciation goes a long way. You can celebrate them this week by letting people know who is on your team and why they are so vital to your business.


2. Thank your customers – Your customers and clients should know that you value them as much as they value your business. Thanking them for their support and time is always a grand gesture. Sending them an email of appreciation or a special shout out on social media is always appreciated.


3. Host a meetup – inviting others into your workspace and giving them more information about your business, products, or services can help you build a community around your business and brand awareness. Remember, your business is their business.


4. Offer a Small Business Week deal or discount – Show your customers that you appreciate them helping you stay in business with a deal that they can only take advantage of during the week.


5. Provide a free resource for your clients – Share tools and information with your customers that won’t cost you anything. It could be a document of tips for budding entrepreneurs or tailored advice for people looking to enter your industry.


6. Get Social – Talk about the products and services that you offer on your social media platform of choice. This way, you can join the conversation about Small Business Week, position yourself as an expert, and possibly gain new followers who might transition into clients based on your influence. Be sure to use the hashtag, #SmallBusinessWeek.


7. Share your story – People are drawn to the stories behind the business and the raw and uncut stories behind entrepreneurship. Small Business Weeks presents a great opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs to do so. You can start with a blog post, a section in your newsletter, or with a great photo on social media with a compelling caption.


8. Share resources from other organizations – There are tons of organizations like SCORE and the SBA that share insightful information and resources for business owners throughout the year.


9. Partner with other small businesses – Collaborating with other companies and entrepreneurs who offer similar products or services can help build strong connections and extend your reach.


10. Participate in free webinars – Throughout the week the SBA is offering free webinars to help business owners learn new skills and sharpen the ones they have.


11. Attend events hosted by your local Chamber of Commerce – Networking is always essential. Check your local chambers calendar so that you can mix and mingle with other business owners and entrepreneurs this week and make new connections.


Don’t let the week go by without celebrating your success!